We (Are) Invested through photography showcases pivotal work of 19 women photographers and photojournalists from 15 African countries. The exhibition is part of the Women’s History Month Campaign by Pin Africa and Unpublished which is dedicated to celebrating the contributions and achievements of women photographers and photojournalists across Africa.

With photography stories that share the everyday life of working women from various backgrounds, to photographs that proved impactful on the photographer’s career, the exhibition highlights significant issues and narratives within the woman photographer’s journey. As you view the exhibition, we hope that you are encouraged to follow and support the photographers as they share more visual stories and continue to pave a way for future generations in photography.


Kassi Affoue Carine (Côte d’Ivoire) Bernadette Vivuya (DRC) Sehin Tewabe (Ethopia) – Nyangone Tshimanga Sarah Naomi (Gabon) – Yvonne Maura (Ghana) Sarjo Baldeh (Gambia) Beryl Muga (Kenya) – Dorine Wanyama (Kenya) Rose Cross (Malawi) Salako Ade (Nigeria) Hawo Kane (Senegal) Dianah Chiyangwa (South Africa) Hafsa boraei Mohammed (Sudan) – Conslanta Ikiring (Uganda) – Katusiime Martha (Uganda) – Maggie Banda (Zambia) – Namukolo Siyumbwa (Zambia) – Chido Nyaruwata (Zimbabwe)

About Pin Africa 

Pin Africa is a social enterprise and global media platform where authentic African stories and voices live. The mission at Pin Africa is to leverage the power of storytelling and content creation to change the narratives of Africa across the world, while also providing African storytellers and journalists with the tools and resources necessary to tell their own stories. 


About Unpublished Africa

Unpublished Africa collaborates with storytellers to find new and creative ways of uncovering and telling the African story while providing a space for like-minded creatives to build a community that encourages collaboration, curiosity, and confidence. We are a platform committed to creating and facilitating events and activities that encourage the sustained advancement of visual storytellers and their invaluable work – while prioritising the growth of the African emerging creative.