It has been well documented in recent years that the ratio of Chinese men to Chinese women is imbalanced and more Chinese men are marrying outside of their race. This has become more evident with Chinese workers who marry local women in many of the African countries they work in. 

However, a more worrying trend has emerged where many women are being impregnated and left behind by these Chinese workers when they move back to China. 

This phenomenon is most evident in Uganda, but can also be seen in Ghana and Kenya.  

It was first reported that the Ugandan state was unhappy with the relationships between Chinese men and Ugandan women due to the belief that many men were marrying women for immigration status. However, more recently many Ugandan women are being impregnated and then abandoned by their Chinese partners. 

Within different African cultures and customs there is a common understanding that a man must either marry the woman or at least compensate for her pregnancy. However, due to these men leaving the country, the hardship falls upon these women and their families. Furthermore, many of these women and children of African-Chinese heritage face ridicule and stigma in their communities. 

With 1 million Chinese migrants living within Africa and approximately 500,000 African migrants living in China, relationships between Chinese and Africans are becoming more common.