Latest on Covid-19 News across Africa

 Presidential initiatives and cooperative working are the most important themes coming out of Africa’s COVID-19 activity this week. What do you think of their decisions?

Latest on Covid-19 News across Africa

The past week saw Angola and Liberia stock-up on anti-COVID resources, while the continent suffered a delay in the implementation of a transformative trade agreement. 

Latest on Covid-19 News across Africa

Three different countries at different stages of their fight against COVID-19, Namibia, South Africa and Ethiopia all take major steps to curb the virus.   

Latest on Covid-19 News across Africa

South Africa, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Uganda all feature in this week’s look at COVID-19- related news across Africa. But, which country has claimed to flatten the curve?

Latest on Covid-19 News in Africa

With every African country now confirming cases of COVID-19, the African Union is stressing the importance of working collectively to fight the coronavirus.  

Latest on COVID-19 in Africa

From vaccine trials to lessons learned from the Ebola crisis. This week’s Pin-Alert covers key stories from across Africa.

COVID-19 developments

From xenophobia in China to debts relief. Here’s your weekly roundup of COVID-19 developments happening across Africa.