Do you know Chief Efunroye Tinubu?

Tinubu was born in Ogun State, western Nigeria in 1810. In the 19th century, she was the wealthiest woman in Yorubaland. In her prime, she was a business tycoon, she held political power, and was prominent in her community in colonial and pre-colonial Nigeria. She […]

Arsenio Rodríguez – The founding father of salsa!

Arsenio Rodríguez was a cuban musician, composer, and bandleader. His unique style changed the face of latin dance music and lead to what would eventually become known as salsa. He is often referred to as the father of the Conjunto, an instumental technique that introduced […]

Do You Know King Njoya

Do you know about King Njoya? The African King who created his own writing system which was destroyed and banished by colonialism.

Representation Matters with Nicholle Kobi

Meet Nicholle Kobi, the Congolese – Parisian artist who is taking ‘positive representation of young black females’ into her own hands. Nicholle Kobi is drawing unapologetically black & fabulous Illustration of black women.